A proven system to grow your business.
Nicole’s *NEW* workbook to map out your ideas and increase innovation.
A Networking Lunch with newly 6-figure entrepreneurs.
One-on-One Coaching Call with Nicole


Are women driving the economy?

Women control more of America’s wealth than men.

Women are the main source of household income in 40% of American homes.
Women-owned businesses have been growing twice as fast as those owned by men since the late 1990s.

Nicole Marie Consulting helps women-owned businesses launch with strategic goals and revenue-generating practices to keep them vibrant and profitable.

As a successful Boston attorney with two law offices, I know exactly what it takes to conceive of, launch, market and manage a business. After all, I’m running two of them right now. It’s a dream of mine to share my insights and experience with other female entrepreneurs who have decided to turn their business idea into their bread and butter.

I’m also a positive person and inspirational speaker, but I don’t expect rainbows and unicorns. I’m as practical as it gets, because I know what you need and want to hear: straight talk from someone who has been where you are, survived, and is stronger for it.


The Revenue Generator Mastermind Bootcamp

The NMC Revenue Generator Mastermind Bootcamp is a live, intensive, two-day event where you’ll gain the business tools and strategies you need to uplevel your business ideas and turn them into revenue generators.

At the Revenue Generator Mastermind Bootcamp, we will take you through Nicole Marie Consulting’s proven system to grow your business, which includes:
  • A newly updated workbook for mapping out your ideas and increasing your ability to think innovatively.
  • A networking lunch with newly minted six-figure entrepreneurs and your fellow bootcampers.
  • A group training call to ask all your questions and share your ideas on revenue generation after the event.
Thanks to popular demand, we’ve added extra bonuses in the Revenue Generator Mastermind Bootcamp VIP package:
  • A VIP networking breakfast with the featured speakers from the NMC Bootcamp.
  • Premier reserved VIP seating
  • A 30-minute one-on-one consulting call before the event so we can create a tailored action plan for your specific business.
  • A 20% discount on a One-on-One Coaching Package with Nicole Bluefort!

One-on-One Coaching Program

The One-on-One Coaching Program with Nicole is where you’ll learn proven methods and strategies you can implement immediately to turn your ideas into revenue generators.

  • 4 one-hour calls with Nicole.
  • An action plan to create an effective marketing campaign and increase revenue.



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